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    History of NORDYNE (continued)
Company Firsts
1916 Home Furnace Company (Miller) originates in Holland, Michigan.
1919 International Oil Heating Company (Intertherm) begins in St. Louis.
1924 Converted coal furnaces, which created serious pollution problems, to oil with their patented oil conversion burners.
1926 Sidney Heiman and Truman Brown purchase International Oil Heating Company.
1927 International Oil Heating becomes one of first companies to use radio for advertising, utilizing such talent as Gene Autry, Eddie Arnold, George Gobel, and Amos and Andy.
1933 Designed, built and installed the first heater for trailer.
1934 Name of International Oil Heating changes to International Oil Burner, registered and reorganized as a Missouri corporation.
1940 The first forced air distribution system through perimeter heating for residential homes and offices.
1941-45 Only manufacturer selected to produce heaters for military mobile homes, including the personal office field trailer of General Dwight D Eisenhower.
1945 Patented the concentric shell hot air heater to create high efficient heat in a room heater for use in any home or office space.
1948 First alcove heater for mobile homes.
1950 First zero duct clearance for mobile home furnaces.
1952 First fully automatic mobile home furnace.
1953 First mobile home furnace to distribute air through ducts.
1957 International obtains the rights to the electric heater using hot water from inventor Loyal Reynolds.
  First oil furnace for mobile homes. First hinged furnace door.
1958 First sealed combustion oil furnace for mobile homes. First central air conditioners for mobile home use, the UF 2000. First and only manufacturer from this point through the 1980s to design and produce electric hot water self-contained baseboard heaters.
1959 First UL listing of a sealed gas furnace on the MAC-1175 furnace. Home Furnace Company develops a new gun oil furnace, using the work of Dr. Lorin Miller of Michigan State that becomes a great success.
1961 First ducted warm air sealed combustion furnace for travel trailers.
  First closet-installed mobile home furnace.
1964 Additional improvements to electrical baseboard heating patents to reduce noise created by the water.

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